vaghimiti = wandering myths

What does "vaghimiti" mean if not to follow in the footsteps of the founders with the same spirit and the same enthusiasm?

However, taking into account that The Game has exploded in the meantime!

Will it mean anything in this new possibility of communicating with almost the entire world?

It is necessary to plan the themes to be discussed among everyone, concepts and perceptions that provoke debate, with the conviction that it can be useful.

We must do this with the help of those interested "where are we going", rather than the dry and boring sales statistics that populate debates, articles and magazines, almost as a single topic.

It is necessary to abandon for a while the themes of economics, on sales and growth statistics. Perhaps it will help us to find other ways more attentive to the values ​​of experience which, perhaps, could also help those of exchange.

But with less performance stress!

Let's go back by analyzing the "myths that wander within us" that have made, and are making, the history of design, with the dream, through the project, of changing the world.

Let's try to understand if their experiences contain the secret to continue positively, as they have managed, and are succeeding, to do.

Together with the other interested parties, by comparing ourselves, perhaps we will succeed.

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