Let Producers Be Brand

Let Producers Be Brand

For 30 years Luciano Bertoncini has featured a leading role in defining design and  the wider idea of project. That’s how Studio Luciano Bertoncini is going to win the challenge across the two millennia  that opposed styles and visions,  products of use and use of the products.

The vision of the project comes from the producers themselves, who become the material strenght which lines and design is made of, bringing the ideas to life, sustaining the ensemble between the elements that compose a product.

Studio Luciano Bertoncini’s art direction introduces a new method, and the producers take their challenge: to become brands combining expertise and technology, vision and design.

Curves, steels, woods, high quality materials, lights find their place and meaning: ideas comes out of the darkness and the elements recognize their balance.

Design reveals the brand.

Let Producers be Brands.

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